Hire our talented artists for colourful fun at your next event!
We have a talented balloon artist available to join your party too!!


Paint my face, please! gives you value for your money:

  • Our Very Fun Party Package is $125 and provides you with 1 facepainter for up to 12 kids. (One artist can creatively paint about 12 lovely designs in 1.5 hours.)
    For each additional child, please add $10 per child.
  • Our Extra Fun Party Package is $175 and includes balloon twisting for up to 12 kids. For each additional child, again please just add $12 per child.
  • We know how kids party costs can add up...
    Our Mini-Party Package is $80($120 with balloon twisting). It is for a small party of 8 or less children, and is available only in nearby Burlington.
  • If you are planning on having more than 15 guests - please consider an additional
    facepainter at a cost of $45 hour. This keeps things moving and prevents too long a wait
    for your guests!
  • ***Party options are available to small social service groups as well.
    (Travel fees apply outside of Burlington)
  • Event pricing: Typically, we charge between $90-$150 per hour/per service depending on the nature, size and timing of your event. We are always negotiable - please let us know your situation. We also take special requests!
  • We like 2-3 weeks notice for most bookings...but if we are not booked, we can be ready on shorter notice - please call or email to check availability!
  • Let us know if you have any special requirements or requests when booking - we will
    always try our best to accommodate you: including creating custom faces for your children, Team names, Company logos and other special designs!
  • While we are always thrilled to help with your next charitable event, please understand we cannot offer our facepainting service for free as it is our livelihood:
    No worries though: There are many ways to fund facepainters at your next event...
    Consider some of these options:
    1) Sponsorship
    If you would like to provide free face painting to your guests - ask a sponsor to 
    pay our event fee as a receiptable charitable donation. You can also someone to sponsor us and in turn they can advertise their business with a banner, or you make an announcement such as "Thank you ____for sponsoring face painting at our event."
    It's an excellent way to help promote a sponsor and is a charitable tax donation for them!
    2) Pay directly
    You can pay our event rate then put out a donation box at the face painting table to try and recoup your costs.
    3) 20/80% Split
    If you are having a larger event (200 families or more), we are occassionally open to
    charging your customers directly and providing you with a 20% donation -
    in turn you would provide us with a receipt for our donation.
    4)Ask us about a discount
    We are occassionally open to offering discounted services, on a case by case basis, during off peak times. Generally though, we do not discount if you any have corporate sponsorship, chare a fee to participants, or are paid organizers of the event.
    We would again also ask for a tax receipt in the amount of the fees discounted.

Our facepainting artists are ready to paint at your next event!
..and if you require more fun than facepainting, we can help there too: we are a
multi-talented team! We can help you present fun Arts & Crafts, Fairy, Princess, Creature or Superhero themed activities for your little ones. We can splatter & squirt paint, help guests to make funny self-portraits, help with games, play and more! Please arrange well in advance...fees are additional and vary depending on your requirements.


Paint my face,
offers the most fun, fantastic and expertly-fast facepainting for kids in Burlington, Halton, and Toronto too! Our professional artists will transform your children into the princesses, super heroes and wild animals they’ve always wanted to be!

Hire our talented artists for fun at your next event!

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Paint my face,


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